Notes on Conversation with Vipul

The main theme was :
1. Roles one plays in society and the best one can do with that
2. The direct impact others have on an individual
3. The direct impact an individual can have on others
4. Risk as a factor in developing a relation

I concluded that helping my sister out with her studies is a very positive step forward.And maybe there are risks that i must be willing to take:
Temporary things such as anger and resentment may need to be faced before i can really help my sister out
"In order to be able to take risks comfortably, you need a great foundation of goodwillYou can't take risks when the relation is very fragile"
"If today I criticize something about you, will that create a rift?""Moreover, we also trust each other's intentions"
"To become a real light to society, you need to be acutely aware of the badness in it the badness in others and their goodness despite their badness"
"But that insight isn't going to be of much use unless you do somethign with the insight"



I am very messed up to the point of hypocrisy, and what conflict does it create.

To desire certain things (material wealth or sex e.g.) and not desire them at the same time creates tremendous conflict inside.

Very important to see is the comparison to freedom of such a state of affairs.

Now, such a state contains is one of both attraction(desire) and aversion, and that is a far cry from freedom, which is about having neither.

So this hypocrisy has to, has to be resolved.