Kurzweil's Talks

Ray Kurzweil points out that software is one of the few areas intechnology which does not improve at an exponential pace. He is probably right and Microsoft should take direct responsibility for such a state of affairs.

Anyway, the idea spurs me on to contribute something to software and maybe in the future think about the theory and practices going around here.

Checking out the way Microsoft does software is a nice start.



Now that i have been handed my project, its time to go out and practice execution.
I don't really care about the quality of the SCCM - MoAPI - RFID idea. May be it works well with the customers, maybe it doesn't

I go in with a clear focus to execute the idea well. Do proper and high quality investigations with very clear steps
1) Work with, and take stock of SCCM feature, concepts
2) Work with the API for Mobile Configuration
3) Do a 1 pager for how to take it forward