Chroncling Peace

The events of the last few months have served to disconnect me from something that had mattered to me a lot in the years preceding them.

That facet of my life is peace. In all the thinking about my career and other aspects of personal life, peace had been relegated to a much lower priority.

However, i rediscovered today something that i had been craving for. And that was a glimpse of the uncorrupted state of mind which i dearly cherish.

It is the summum bonum to my understanding.

Rather than debate the merits, i'll chronicle the experience.

There is a total suspension of egoist time, an 'I' with a past, present and future.

It is a state of altered perception of time and suspended common sense. Death is not a revolting idea, nor failure, nor disease.

The most beautiful thing is the objectification of the mind, the ability to perceive every motion of thought as if under a microscope.

All identities crack.

I am convinced that there is no attachment to the state either, with no desire to reproduce or recreate the state as happens in pleasure conditioning.

As i write this, i am but convinced to create a future in which such contemplation continues to play an instrumental role.


This is an interesting idea.

I think life is primarily about possibilities and that the full life entails embracing all possibility.

The possibility of failure and success, of bugs in software, of peace, of challenges, of creative insights, of the beauty of love and a whole lot more.

To live a complete life involves accepting all outcomes in life. Which is not to be a fatalist. It means that one must not resist any possibilities, since they exist and some of them will manifest.

It is entirely reasonable to like certain possibilities more than others. However, genuine intelligence about how these are manifested cannot arise till we learn to accept all possibilities.

And that is the key to my mind. Intelligence.

A fluid and alert mind, open to possibility is what is necessary to make the most of life. That is what intelligence is.