The Basics

To succeed, one must get the basics right.

Let us take living as the art and the science then. To succeed, the basics have to be right.

As per hindu tradition , there are two ways in which a human being can live.
One is the life of the man of the world, the householder. The other , of the spiritually dedicated reculse.

Let me enumerate the high priority virtues successful living in the world entails :
In no particular order
1) Proactivity and Action Orientation
2) Industry and Creativity in Action and Thought
3) Self Confidence of a Positive Variety
4) Vigour
5) Moral Fortitude in the face of temptation to ethical incorrectness

Let me contrast these with what are higher priorities for a reclusive life

1) Critical Thinking and very strong mental fortitude in face of any tempations.
2) 'Vairagya' or Mental Renuncation of Mind and Materials
3) Sense Restraint
4) Confidence of a negative variety as far as things of the world go. That is to say, surety of what doesn't work.
5) Positive confidence in the ideals of Absolute Freedom / God / Spirit, something genuinely free as the case may be

Clearly i haven't got my priorities sorted out right now.
Most of my effort and habit is clearly towards the reclusive life.
However, i am directly involved in the worldly life.

What is the solution to this problem.

Clearly, i must master one of the two sets of virtues first and decide my priorities.

This is a very tough question is all i can say right now.