Greater Freedom

I find this to be a very important question to my life

Is getting what one wants a greater freedom or freedom from want a greater freedom.

I believe that freedom from want is greater, but i find that society think quite otherwise.



This blog is failing to republish after i deleted a post. So i'll try and put this dummy just for te sake of republishing it.


The Worst

This is the worst, absolute worst i've felt in the last 3 years. Its the absolute worst possible.
Total Entropy is what i am right now.

A contradiction of desires, callousness and idiocy is what i am right now.

I don't know the way out. I don't have the answers.

Can anyone help. i have nothing left inside me, i am hollow.


Is rejecting non sense enough

I was posed the question today as a part of the event Mr. and Miss Intellect - "Would you mind if your wife earned than you?"
The answer i gave was that such ideas are socially prevalent notions which were just pure non sense and i do not subscribe to them.

What i missed in my opinion was the most important thing. And that was the role love would play in this. The love should be strong enough that such trivia never arises. and such love would require a whole lot more than just emotinal attachment. it clearly needs the melting of the self.

the same holds for most ideas that are propagated in society. the complete answer is not critical intellection alone. critical intellection would lead to complete isolation from the way society functions and the values it defines. we have to go one step further. reject the non sense(e.g. the attitude that one should be more socially important than ones wife) and live the greatest positive feeling(love).