Patience, Comprehension and Will

In my reflections of what made me tick and overcome the clutches of attention deficit and mild - moderate depression, i saw the following things.

a) as of today, contemplation on 'Observation without center' works a lot better than 'Observe non judgementally'. Observe non judgementally seems to have more of a numbing effect.

this may be due the fact that 'Observe non judgementally' keeps the attention locked into internal mental states / feeling etc, whereas 'Observe without a center' is closer to the idea of 'Nirvikalpa / 

b) historically, i never set out to improve my will power in the period circa 2005. i only had a will to improve comprehension and had a state of 'Observation without a center'.

c) interestingly, this led to a improvement in globalized will power.

the hypothesis is that practice of comprehension and 'Observation without a center' is the route to improved Will Power.

probably has something to do with Comprehension / Observation being the bottlenecks to the process of Willing neurobiologically for me as a person.

May not be something that works for everyone.