Is this the way i am constructed

In a lighter vien and a serious one as well,

i am thinking that theres is one thing i can do really well.
and that is to not do what can be done without!!
i can safely ignore negative thoughts, i can not identify with things, i can resist negative emotions, i can avoid saying falsities and harsh words. i know what false logic is. i know how not to approach work and life. i know what doesn't work.

Then i wonder, maybe this is the way i am constructed.

But i also want to be able to say the right things, come up with and implements ideas that work, experience and experience positive emotions, say affirmative truths and work with sound logic.
i find my positive side to be highly underdeveloped than my penchant for negativity(rather my ability to handle and live with it so well).

That would make things a lot better i think.