Affect Neurobiology

Read a few articles on affect neurobiology.

Very interesting observations these articles and research papers had .
1. Positive affect (desire for things ( ??? not sure which ones)) is indicated by left prefrontal cortex activity.
2. Negative affect (aversion to things ) is indicated by right prefrontal cortex activity. High right prefrontal cortex activity is observed in patients suffering from depression.

I'll map it to my favourite concepts of sattva, rajas and tamas. A tamasic brain can easily be indicated by right prefrontal cortex activity. What would a sattvic brain look like than. I guess it should be left prefrontal dominated, but the control should rather stay with the centres of reason (meditative knowledge building and discrimination) than huge amounts of positive affect. The rajasic brain is obviously a huge amount of positive affect, be it sensual, social or pragmatic in nature.

Very interesting ideas, which make ones likes and dislikes look like jokes. This article is being written in a mix of positive affect and reason. Sattva !