The Response (How not to bang your head against the keyboard)

How we respond to a situation can be the whole essence of what we make of life. and code !
I find that i am naturally wired to respond with emotion, or atleast a lot of emotional content to go along with logical experimentation and deduction when faced with any challenging situation.
However, this is a sure recipe of disaster while dealing with automatons like computers. Computers can do things to drive us nuts sometimes (since i code and debug for a living), but it is really not the computers fault (the blame game so deeply ingrained in us). Feelings of disbelief, helplessness, frustration, overwhelm are common human responses to bizarre software bahaviour.
The good thing is, that it appears to me to be possible to train oneself to zap out the emotional content and have great fun experiementing with stuff and building causal models. In my limited experience, i find that it is more often than not a matter of time before the issue resolves with logical enquiry.
Skills of inspection by contrasting to known basics, pigeon holing, exclusion, understanding complex automata flows are all useful in understanding the causes of issues.

And saving oneself from tearing the hair out :)


zo said...

nice read ! :)

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enggneha said...

yar u r reallly an intelligent guy.